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Circle Cable Clips

Circle Cable Clips

Cable Clips Manufacturer , WireClips supplied by Hont Electrical Co.,Ltd are good quality and with competitive price.Cable Clips OEM is available.


Professional Cable Clips Manufacturer since 1996

Cable Clips Manufacturer HONT started of 20 years of focus, the intention to do a good job of each product, not to disappoint the quality of the trust.
Over the past 20 years, HONT,as one of the leading Plastic Cable Clips Manufacturer in China, are committed to providing you with wire distribution equipment products.Our company mainly makes Electrical wire clips, nylon cable ties, cable connectors and etc. And we have been widely recognized by customers and achieved a good reputation.

At present, our company has become a professional enterprise which integrates designing, cable tie manufacturing, cable gland distribution, trading together. We are always insisting on the concept of "Quality is the  first base of hunman resource". The good reputation and credit of our company bring abundant customer resources in such competitive market.
 Cable Clips Manufacturer
We put much considerable power in exploring and developping new and innovative products, keeping the high level of quality, enhanceing service and emphasizing on professional skill trainings.Each product in  our company are produced under the standards of the international market, which add EGS more chances and advantages in the fierce competing markets.

Cable Clips Manufacturer

Cable clip is a plastic products, using PE plastic material by the injection molding, large elasticity, impact resistance, never rupture. Our products are plug in nails series, the pin  directly attached to the line card, which can save a lot of working hours, and reduce the construction cost.Use method, put the wire inside the clip,  with a hammer the pin will be nailed into the wall, it will be fixed then. The use of the wire, to fasten the wires indoor.
More mature products on the market are used of PE material, whose color is white. Its advantages are good toughness, good tensile strength, non-toxic, impact resistance, moisture resistance, chemicals resistance, not easy to burst. In addition, the products can be customized according to the customer made a variety of colors. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Applications of products:
Generally, cable wall clips are used for indoor wiring fixing, a variety of family wires, office wires and various telephone lines. Some big size Electrical cable clips are applied for fixing cable pipes, water pipes and so on. These plastic wire clips are tiny and good looking, making the environment more neat and orderly, and the wire will not appear the phenomena of a mess , but convenient and practical. 
Cable Clips Manufacturer

Using methods:
Put the wires into the slot, with a hammer to nail the pin into the wall, and then the cable can be fixed.
Fix the wire through the corresponding clip and press by the hand on the wall.
Hold the cable clip by the hand and tap the pin gently to secure the clip with a hammer. Cable Clips Manufacturer
After fixing, remove the hand, and force the stength of the steel needle, then use the hand to test the strength if it is okay. 
This series of of cable wall clips are high-carbon nail, and all of them are bolted types. They are  directly attached to the wire slot, and can save a lot of time, reducing construction costs. Cable wire clips of our  company are all manufactured by hand. We select the feting and failing products out of the production line.
Beautiful radian: the design of closing to the shape of the wire brings cable clip tiny and pretty in the appearance. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Reliable base: the reliable base makes cable clip more convenient in use, and also more stable, small applicable
Close to the wires:in  the use of cable wire clips, it is the greater the diameter of the card, the more wires can be the fastened.
Sharp cable clip: they are easy to lock, using high performance steel nails. When hammer the nail, the sharper nail is more easy to be fixed into the wall. And they are difficult to loose.
Safe snd secure: there is secure and tightening design in the head of the nail. The depth of the clip is 2mm. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Diversified functions: different lock design, with different diameters of cables or wires.
No scar: tiny holes left. So it wl not destroy the surface appearance of the wall. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Non-toxic: The nylon matrial is safe and reliable, with good tenacity.
Cable clip is small object that is very common in life. Everyone must have used it at home. You often see it, but you may not know the name of it. So let me show you pictures of the products of the cable clip. I believe you will recognize it when see the picture.In general, the installation of many lines at home will use nylon wire clips. Such small products can bring us great convenience, and the line needs steel cabt  clips to be fixed. Cable clip is one kind of plastic product, manufctured by HONTPLAST which is a proffessional plastic accessories supplier. Our nylon cable clips have high elasticity, they are not the kind of brittle plastic, butvery durable.And they are very convenient to use. Besides, the cost is low. So they are very popular in life. Cable clips are commonly used in wood, brick, cement, paste and other materials. They are applied not only in life, but also in large construction , buildings and other places. Because cable clip market is very large, so there are many manufacturers in the market. And the kinds of cable clips are also various and many. We briefly describe the classification of circle nail clips, to make a reference for everyone's purchase. Now I mainly introduce the application of following kinds of cable clips. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Regarding to the cable clips that appear in the market at present, there are already many kinds, which have already met the needs of most people. According to their own needs and the using purpose of the purchase, there are a variety of cable clips. We can have some knowledges of the cable clips we need based on our own demands. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Round nail cable clip: because the price of round nail is relatively cheap, and the model is very diversified. It is used in various places, so the probability of being used is relatively large. Generally it is used in the formation of fixed. But what is sure that the strength of round nail is relatively small. And in the wet environment, it is easier to rust. Besides, round nail is  very inconvenient to use, because it needs for professional drilling. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Screwed nail cable clip: Screwed nail cable clip is  like roune nail cable clip. It also needs to be drilled by professional drilling gun.But it has the advantages of not easily rusting. It is also one of a lower price of circle cable clips.
Straight nail cable clip: Generally, straight nail cable clips are used on the surface plate, to make a fixed role, but we also need to use a dedicated nail gun. Straight nail cable clip is not easy to rust. And we use a straight nail cable clip to fix the surface of the panel, mainly because it's not easy to be found by our vision, and it's very important for aesthetic. There is no need for special decoration at the later stage to cover the traces of the nail clip. So when fixing the table, straight nail cable clip is most frequently used type.
Roofing nail cable clip is commonly used in watt fixtures, such as asbestos tiles and other products. It can also be used in connecting wood components. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Briefly make an introduction of the cable clips. Now let me introduce the classification of them. I believe that only after using, can we know more clearly which cable clips are the most appropriate. It is a common product, with high guaranteed quality. Besides, the price is also attractive.  many manufacturers will reduce the cost of the raw material, because of few profits, which will results in many problems in afer sale period. Therefore when chooses the cable clip, it also needs to recognize the specialized and reliable manufacturer to purchase. Cable Clips Manufacturer
How to choose the suitable manufacturer of cable clips?
With the rapid development of the Chinese processing industry today, the manufacturers of cable clip are all over the country. So how to choose the manufacturers of good brands, excellent quality and service and provide ourselves a good quality security is the most important thing. Let us talk about the brand first. HONTPLAST is a leading company in plastic processing industry of Yueqing, which combines R & D  production, sales and service. It is also the first to pass national standards, international standard products, even in accordance with the United States certification and European standards production system, and has advanced technical force and production process. These qualifications fully demonstrate that our products are required by high standards, have achieved a standardized, systematic and standardized production system. The company always adhere to high quality, high efficiency. We have established our own sales and after-sales services and products in all major provinces and cities throughout the country, even sales to southeast Asia and Europe and the United States and other countries. Over the years of efforts to develop and service security, our company has been a large manifacturer of cable ties and cable clips. We have been recognized and encouraged by the majority of customers. Our company will continue to improve the requirements, strict our own, to create an international brand, to create a Chinese manufacturing. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Next, we talk about the quality of the products of the cable clip which is a simple and small plastic product. It is used for the fixing of the line. In the market, there are some cable clips made of the material of PE or some lower standard materials. Our company uses environmental protection materials PP, which is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, high crystallinity. The structure is regular, the heat resistance is high power supply, the insulation is good.The heat resistance of PP material is higher than PE. PP's material strength is also higher than the leather material. It completely conforms to the use of this kind of product. Its color can also be changed according to the customer's demand, and it can be made into other colors. Many of its models are ordered according to the diameter. For example, diameter is four millimeters, then its model is HDS-4MM. If the diameter is five millimetre, the models that are five millimeters are HDS-5MM. And the basic models are 4 to 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 20 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 32 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm.Packing quantity of  4 mm to 10 mm is 100pcs per bag or 1000pcs per bag.12 mm White cable clips is 100pcs per bag or 500pcs per bag.14 mm White cable clips are 100pcs per bag or 250pcs per bag.16 mm cable clips are 100pcs per bag or 200pcs per bag.22 mm to 40 mm cable clip is 100pcs per bag. The advantage of the cable clip is to be able to organize the indoor circuit quickly, and save working time and cost, and improve working efficiency and quality. It still depends on the process and the choice of materials.Different environments and different materials will need we use different cable clips to deal with. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Our company's service concept is that the customer is always right. The customer is the consumer, we will meet the consumer's requirements to carry on the understanding, friendly discussion, the agreement. Cooperate with customers to make him satisfied with three points, product quality satisfaction, service satisfaction, pre-sale negotiation process and after-sales service, all to customers, the image of satisfaction. Let customers and the public have a positive evaluation of the enterprise. The whole enterprise to implement the 5S concept, smiling quickly, honest and clever. 5S research, service culture innovation are the most representative.
The cable clip is a high quality product of HONTPLAST. After a time of polishing and testing, in the market of the nailing card, it has been recognized and praised by consumers. The increase of housing and interior decoration industry,  the number of communications wiring gradually increase. Cable Clips Manufacturer
The difference between a wire clip and a nylon clip.
In the market, there are many other types of round cable clips.It has three categories of models, specifications, and functions. Round type cable clip is one very common type, with many specifications. Square type cable clipis medium in the using quantity in the market. The hook type cable clip is the least in the sales market. The diameter of round type cable clip is 1mm to 50mm. Diameter of square type is 4mm to 14mm. The hook type specifications are 15 mm, 22 mm 28 mm. Their materials can be PE, PP and other materials. Generally, a cable clip is used with the steel nails. The way to use this kind of products that is to put the wires that we need to arrange in the slot for managing, then hammer the nail with the tool. A cable clip is struck with a tool hammer to hold the wire set together on the wall. It is used indoors to fix wires.The large specifications used to fix cable pipes and so on.Cable Clips Manufacturer
Cable Clips Manufacturer Nylon clips in the field of both life and the industry are widely used. They are found in automobiles, semiconductors, medical electronics, electrical, civil engineering, and other industries. Its specifications include standard nylon clip which is suitable for wires,cables, pipes and fibers. Thay are durable, corrosion-resistant. Ring shaped nylon clip can be released, can be reused, without the use of plate or disk. The flat cable of false alarm face can be quickly, the plastic twist wire ring is suitable for the bundle of wire and cable, and can be used again. The design requirement of the split-line clip split-line frame is to load the wire first, limit the price, and then insert it into the hole that has been opened ahead of time. A nylon clip is used for safety.The location of cables and fittings is tough and not easy to break. It is the best choice for finishing cables. Corrosion resistance, rust prevention, corrosion resistance, heat insulation, low permeability, no magnetic tape, magnetism are its advantages. These features make nylon clips widely used in electric appliances, electronic accessories, medical equipment, electrical appliances, semiconductors, civil construction and other industries. It is made of PA66 which is  a crystalline engineering plastic.It is high toughness material.It is good at small friction coefficient, and wear resistance, self-lubricating, and etc.
Cable Clips Manufacturer The difference between nylon clips and round cable clips is material difference. One is the material of PP, the other is PA. They are both used to fix the wires. But the difference is that the cable clip can be used to fix the wire through the wall, to ensure that the length of the wire will not fall, while nylon clip is fixed by inserting the screw. It is available in small spaces. There are generally difference, because of different environments and uses, different products. With the market is getting bigger and bigger,  the overall demands for cable clipsare more and more higher. While there will certainly be inferior and unguaranteed products mixed in superior manufacturers' products. Then users  need to consider a lot when to descide which one to choose. Identify professional brands, quality assured manufacturers and wholesalers, which are reliable to buy. HONTPLAST is a proffessional plastic product manufacturer, pecializing in the production of nylon cable ties , cable clips and other plastic products. We achieved the certificationso in the early time, and have passed the national standards and international certification.
Price analysis of cable clips.
You must have seen and even used this thing. And some people say that they did not know what a cable clip is, and probably did not know its formal name. But when you buy a cable clip on the market, you will find that the price is different. Some cable clips seem to be the same type, why is the price different here. For you to introduce those factors that affect the price of cable clips in detail.
A.Different raw materials, leads to different prices of cable clips manufacturer,
because the cable clip is mainly consisted of PE plasitic part and steel nail. Then we will introducecable clip from these two aspects.
  1、Something about he influence of PE on the price. The full Chinese name of PE plastic is called polyethylene. And it can be divided into LDPE, LLDPE, UHMWPE, MDPE, HDPE, CPE, PEX and so on. The price of each kind of plastic is completely different. If the manufacturer uses the material with better performance, the price of the finished product will be higher. Cable Clips Manufacturer
  2、The material of steel nails is different, and it will have a great influence on the price. The most basic steel nails can be divided into different steel and stainless steel. Of course, many manufacturers use ordinary steel. Because under most situations, ordinary steel nails are enough to meet the needs of users. Of course,  the users who need the cable clips to be used for a long time without any rust, can choose stainless steel nails. It is obvious that, the price of stainless steel ingot is higher than ordinary steel nails. Cable Clips Manufacturer
B.Analysis of the effect of cost on price.
At the big point above, we introduced the influence of raw materials on the price of circle cable clips. Here we introduce the effect of the production cost, processing cost, packing cost, transportation cost on its price. The production of so many plastic parts at one time requires workers to screen out high-quality and qualified ones, and insert steel nails into them. Besides, the transportation needs express, which will also occupy a certain cost. Therefore, the cost of different manufacturer's product is different, resulting in the price of cable clips. Cable Clips Manufacturer
C.Analysis of the influence of peer competition on price.
Because of the low technical content and low threshold of the cable clips manufacturer, many manufacturers joins into the suppliers of cable clips. And these manufacturers want to sell more of their products  and occupy a larger market. But the quality and performance of their products and their own products are not good, at this time, manufacturers will take some reduction, concessions, discounts and other measures to attract customers to buy. So the more competitive peer competition, the lower the price of products. Cable Clips Manufacturer
D.Analysis of the influence of different manufacturers on price.
Many manufacturers of cable clips exist. There must be superior ones and bad ones. Some manufacturers are always inferior, and take low-cost strategy to attract customers. While most manufacturers are operating in good faith, with reliable quality and perfect performance services to gain the trust of users. Different manufacturers use the PE materials and steel nailing materials are also different. And their after-sales speed, quality efficiency are  not the same. Therefore, when we choose manufacturers, we should take into account all these factors. Cable Clips Manufacturer
E.Finally, the impact of the overall economic situation on the price. 
The economic situation of the downstream industry on the cable clips, and the factors of sales will also affect the price. The upstream industry PE plastic and steel market is depressed and the price is low, which will lead to a drop in the price of the cable clips. Cable Clips Manufacturer If the demand is strong in the downstream market, it will also lead to a certain increase in the price. When the market of needs to use  cable clips do not have the demand for orders, the price of cable clips will be reduced.
The above is our relevant analysis of the price of the cable clips manufacturer. Of course, we also need to understand that the "value determines the price", so choosing the cable clips, price is only one of the factors considered, do not choose low-cost cable clips, which creates unnecessary troubles.
How to judge the quality of cable clips manufacturer , good or bad?
In fact, cable clips are common in every household of life. And everyone must have used these things. However, even if people who in life have contacted cable clips are still do not know what the cable clip is, and what it looks like. The cable clip is mainly used to fix the wires, which can be fixed to the ceiling walls and floors, etc. According to the site there are many different types, because there are many different materials. You can choose whatever kind of cable clips manufacturer which are made of different materials, depending on where it is used. For example, on the wall or other materials, if there are a lot of wires to be fixed, then you can choose a bigger cable clip, and on the other hand, you can choose a smaller technician. Everything is OK except the wire. It's a good thing if it comes in handy. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Today we mainly talk about the quality of the cable clips. What should we rely on to judge the quality? If you are one of the buyers who purchase large, then it is recommended that you take the cable clips to relevant institutions directly to test, so that it is more accurate to judge the quality of the wire. That will take some time and need a little bit of financial support, however it is more suitable for a large amount of procurement, as well as the applications in some serious environment. Some businesses and individuals go to professional institutions for testing, which is more authoritative.
For the most people who buys a cable clip which  will only be used in home decoration or installation of the circuit, it is easy to judge. Directly to the naked eye to judge whether it is good or bad, people who have seen the cable clips manufacturer. The cable clip is made up of two parts, steel and plastic parts. To judge their quality, bad or good, you can also start from these two parts to judge. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Let's first check cable clips manufacturer, which are generally galvanized steel. And the water tank will definitely have the gloss, then to see whether the gloss is good, and the thickness of the nails. This process needs to be judged by ourselves, not necessarily the thicker the better. Then we look at the plastic part. Regarding to the plastic part, we have to judge from the color and the size. The plastic part of a good quality cable clip must be white, and the color is very good, and there is some light.  If the plastic is very yellow, or it looks yellow. Well, it can be roughly judged that this plastic piece is made of recycled plastic. And then we look at the size of the plastic piece. Regarding to the size of the plastic piece, it means the size of the steel wire card. This size refers to the size of the inner diameter of the plastic parts. If we need to use five large steel nailing cards, then the purchase is less than five or much larger. Then we can roughly judge the unqualified of this steel wire card.
Cable Clips Manufacturer.The quality of buying a cable clip is actually very easy to judge. As long as you pay more attention when you buy it, you can know whether it is good or bad. Don't think about that the quality of such a small piece of cable clip will have no matter to our whole system. Good cable clip has a very long service life, and the plastic is aging more slowly. It may not be long before there will be a breakdown of plastic parts, which  may lead to the subsequent need to pay more energy, time and money, to re-decoration, in the long run. This is a very uneconomical thing. I hope you will know how to judge after this cable clip good or bad, and then you can buy high-quality card.
How to use the steel nailing card?
If I ask you directly about the cable clip, you will be confused and think about what the cable clip is, but if I show it to you, you will recognize it in minutes. We will only sigh with emotion, originally this is called the cable clip. Our company is a manufacturer specializing in manufacturing and selling the advanced plastic acessariess. And it is a very hot industry in this field. In the local field industry has many years of experience, today we will introduce you to the use of cable clips.
You should all know, the role of cable clips manufacturer . We need to use a very small tool for fixing electrical wires indoors, which may be used when the line is installed at home. But when it is installed, some novices may not find it easy, but some of the old masters are just right on the hammer. This is because they only use one hammer to install the wire card, but the cable clip is so small. Using a hammer to hammer down, it's very easy to hurt yourself. And to fix the fingers of the wire clip, and it's very, very difficult for us to use the cable clip in the corner. So the first time you use it, you have to be very careful. Except some old masters who are very skilled, as new hands, we can use a vice to fix the wire, and then hammer it. This is also a better way. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Other customers will ask, some time after we have finished ordering the cable clip,  at the point our cable clip is located, there is a crack in the wall around, and even some falling off. This is actually a very simple thing, because the wire clip is nailed into the wall, and it will make a gap in the wall, and some weather and other factors will affect the wall. The wall around this gap is falling off. And to solve this problem, we take a little piece of plastic transparent tape and stick it in the place where we want to nail the wire, and then go to hammer it. This will not be easy to damage the wall, the phenomenon will be greatly reduced.
There is also a more common problem, that is, when we use the cable clip, how do we take it off. In fact, everyone has the ability to directly take it off. But everyone really wants is to take it out without damaging the wall, which is actually an impossible thing. And it has already caused damage to the wall when you nail it in, but we can make a follow up repair. Using tools, after pulling out the wire clip, we use a little plaster powder to smear the hole in the wall. If there is no plaster, take some toothpaste to fill it. If it is wallpaper or some colored wall, we can take the color pen to smear directly for the sake of beauty, so that others will not be so obvious at first sight. If you do not want others to see the obvious marks, it can be dealt with simply as the methods above I introduced.
Although the cable clip is a small thing, but it is also necessary to exist in the world. It plays a very important role. Although she grows a bit small. However, there are many things people need to pay attention to if we are going to purchasing it. And it also needs some small skills to use it well. As long as we have to observe more, are the problem can be solved. We can be carried out the ways correctly  and have the knowledge of the use of Wire clips. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Where are the main advantages of the steel nailing card?Dominant characteristics. merit Cable Clips Manufacturer
As the main product of indoor and outdoor cable fixation, the cable clip is mainly made of plastic box and cement nailing. Of course, it is better fixed and stronger with corrosion and pressure. And it is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly product. it can be said that there are better environmental protection performance in the use process, and it is also very good in stability, it is not easy to burst. And its good characteristics are very clear. So how to choose a better cable clip is very important. We need to better grasp the actual situation, which will bring better quality of the product.
Whether indoors or outdoors, the use of cable clips can have a better role in the fixed cable, and in the fixed effect is better. Of course, different use in the different styles. And the color is customizable, so it's all for better cable fixing, and it's worth more attention. After all, as a plastic product, it is made of high quality polyethylene plastic, which can better meet the fixed communication power cable, and get better regulative effect.
Of course, the choice of more suitable specifications of the cable clips can meet the requirements of better use. And it has a good performance, after all, as a fixed cable use product. It has a better enhance of the effect of wire fixing, reducing construction costs, and having longer service life? It can be said that the most popular one of wire  fixing tool.
How to prevent the moldy of cable clips?
Now there are many kinds of cable clips on the market, which bring huge business opportunities to some people. However, the problem of preservation with moldy is worth attention. It may increase the flexibility of the product and increase the pulling force, but it will not be accepted by the customer under such circumstances. Who would buy a product that has moldy spots? It will inevitably affect sales, which is not what the marketing staff would like to see.Then how to prevent the site of cable clip moldy? Cable Clips Manufacturer
We know that not all types of cable clips will be moldy. Nylon raw materials will not moldy, only a few products containing toner will be moldy. This is the culprit for mold on the spot, a colored powder substance that contains colored powder. A cable clip can be moulded for as long as it is placed in a damp environment. And this kind of cable clip that contains chromatic powder, and the  color is black commonly. Black nylon cable tie contains chromatic powder. To meet the quality requirement, we need to store carefully to avoid this hapenning. Cable Clips Manufacturer
In order to avoid this kind of moldy, it is necessary to keep the storage place dry. Usually, the storage place has some slender articles, such as lime-like desiccant. If there is moldy spots on the product, it should be timely to take out for drying, so as not to further mildew and flare.If it is found many spots, we should  at once use water for cleaning the products, then dry them.
Our company has the very deep research to this domain specially, strengthens the product performance further. Simultaneously,  we also hope that we can win the majority customer's heart by providing the better service for everybody.
Market analysis of cable clip industry.
With the rapid development of domestic industry, the market demand of hardware and plastic products industry has become larger and higher. Not only is it still in a high development period, but among them, electronic communication and automobile building materials, Office equipment, daily necessities, etc., are still driving the rapid development of plastic power, is expected to increase annual plastic consumption to 18%.
The plastic industry is an industry with good market prospects. We need to set up an electronic commerce platform with access system to standardize the quality of the market, that is, to set a standard. That is, we should combine the direct and indirect experience of plastic processing enterprises to establish our own standard system, so as to realize the industrial upgrading of the plastic industry and form a technical support platform for the upgrading of plastic products. At the same time, we will make use of the concentrated advantages of the professional market in terms of radiation functions and industries in the plastics industry, and concentrate on making access to the specialized market, managing access system and improving market function. Standardize market order, let domestic plastic industry and world plastic industry product quality standard butt.
There are two kinds of Wire clips manunfacturer on the market. One is produced by the implementation of the national quality standard, which we call the national standard. And the other is produced by the non-implementation of the national quality standard, which we call non-standard. Well, the non-standard general grams can be divided into two types, one is the quality lower than standard of production, the other cable clip is higher than the national standard, which are mainly sold for exorting, especially high required country, Japan.
If the site meets the standards, it needs to be carefully measured. First, see if the appearance is bright and clean. And second, take the size of the size of the width to meet the national standards. And the most important thing is to test whether the pulling force can meet the national standard of pulling force.Through these tests, shall wr know whether the clip is at standard, for a further product division.
Some knowledges of wire clips in home decoration 
Now in home decoration of the line, electric lines, wr are used to doing the digging without spotted by our eyes.If it is not arranged, we usually use a cable clip to fix wire in the corner, for the safety of naked wire is not beautiful. The  product of cable clips are in variety. The different product characteristic, the difference is quite big. The price also differen in  high and low level. Below we will introduce several kinds of family repair, where will use several kinds of cable clips. Cable Clips Manufacturer
1.Plastic cable clips,  is using PVC as the raw materials. Its main components are polyethylene. It is made under high temperature as one molding products, with good tenacity , impact resistance. And it has a long service life, not easy to crack, and some other characteristics. The steel nails are directly attached to the operation of the clip. And the wire only needs to be put into the slot, with a hammer be hammered to the wall. It is simple and cheap for construction. Besides, it is not easy to rust. So it is commonly used in the home decoration .
When purchasing a cable clip, users should pay attention to check the quality of the product and prevent the fixed line from appearing on the slot, and breaking for tiny bending. There are two ways for checking and judging thr quality of cable clips. First, check the appearance by our eyes, if the product appearance color is porcelain white, with reflect light.  The appearance color of bad quality product is mixed with yellow, which generally is produced by recycled material. Thus, the product's mechanical performance will be reduced, not as good as the original.  Second, with a little force pull the clip, mainly to test its mechanical properties. Good PVC cable clip, both its elastic and stiffness will have good performance. Cable Clips Manufacturer
2.Metal Cable Clips,
In addition to the use of PVC cable clips in home decoration, sometimes we also use metal cable clips. Its body are galvanized steel, made of good toughness, tight, long life characteristics. Its larger size, commonly used in line, road, pipe and other protection.
When selecting the metal cable cclips, we should pay attention to check whether the body has cracks, burrs. If the cable clip appears deformation or fracture in the operation, which shows clearly that the quality of the metal cable clips are not up to standard.
3.Soft cable clip
The two cable clips mentioned above are hard materials made types. In our home decoration circuit renovation, we may also need to soft material cable clips, such as from the ceiling of the extension of the wire lamps. Soft cable clips should be used to fix, because the soft cable clips are mainly used in the protection of important lines vulnerable to injury. Their use is relatively limited. The common market is the yellow wax cable clips. The main components are polyethylene glass fiber. Its surface is coated with electrical plastic paint with insulation protection, good ductility, flexibility. 
This product demand is little, so market has little products. It is suggested that a user chooses big company as the supplier, which will have safeguard after sale, avoid later unnecessary trouble.
Rationality of cable clip design.
The cable clip is the most popular tool in this field, for it has been improved and improved continuously. Only in the market, after continuous scientific and normative design and innovative design, the achievements of the current product design process with novel modelling, often determine the role of the world. So businesses are often committed to introducing the most advanced production processes and production processes in foreign countries, so that customers can get the most advanced nail clips in the shortest time. The design of the cable clip is unique. It does not need to use tools such as props to cut, and generally will not use the polymer solution to shape processing. But a small number of businesses will use the latter to shape the processing. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Cable clip has four design principles.
The first is that product performance is the first principle, because users often choose high quality and cheap plastic products. So in the design of the need to take into account the rationality of raw materials, it strives for products in the design mechanically simple and reasonable. In the appearance of products, it is to be balanced everywhere, and uniform thickness, the final molding time simple and feasible.
The second principle is to consider from the mould, because the mould is the cornerstone of producing excellent cable clips. And reasonable mould can unify the whole structure and product standard. This will allow the products not only efficient, but also have a good appearance. Cable Clips Manufacturer
The third is that the design principle is considered from the molding process, and then select the appropriate raw materials and grasp the excellent flow and shrinkage molding process, so that the product can be finishef  in the process of knowledge and integrity. In the end, it can win every battle in the market.
Fourth, in order to meet the requirements of special customers, manufacturers are required to produce high-quality and high-standard cable clips. This step is often complicated. Generally we need to be in advance design thr shape of the gradually make the drawing, and then through the experiment of a large number of production.Finally, it is suggested that since the size of plastic parts is limited by the mobility of plastic materials, the precision of plastic parts should not be blindly compared with the precision of metal parts. The temperature registration form and the bus don't work, otherwise there will be a different situation, and it will be disappointing in the end.
So why did the designer design the site as a single and double head at first? It has many aadvantages. First, it choose to usr the material of PE. This material primary color is white, and it  has a variety of good features, such as good toughness. This injection products have the advantages of large elasticity, impact and non-rupture. After being divided into single and double ends, the products can be more adaptable in different places. After all, the integrated distribution line project in life are also various.
The nailing structure allows the steel nail to save a lot of time on the direct load line tower while allowing the manufacturer to minimize the cost and make the construction operation the simplest. The method used in the local scene is very simple. Just put the wire inside the slot and hammer the steel nail to the wall. The wire can be fixed, according to the specific use of the site. nail clips are generally used for indoor wiring fixed wires, and some larger site fixed cable electrical services, water pipes. Cable Clips Manufacturer
Several major fields of the application cable clips
The cable clip is a very useful product in our life. we may not know its name. I believe everyone has seen it. Although the product is small, it has the effect of stirring up a thousand layers of waves. So what material is the product made of? It is through injection molding of PE material, combined with the characteristics of material and structure. The product has the characteristics of patience, elasticity, impact resistance, and no breaking abuse. The product is simple in its use characteristics. Just make the steel nails attached directly to the site,which will not only can save a lot of working hours, but also reduce a lot of construction cost. And it is very simple to get  through the wire, as for the method of the opetating. And then use the hammer  to make the nail nailed to the wall, you can fix the wire.
The physical characteristics of the wire clips are generally white products, which have good toughness, tensile strength and impact resistance, and will not have any effect on the users. It is not easy to appear leopard bone condition, if the customer has the request. It can customize other color product series,  And it has some common specifications, for example, model, three types, round steel nail cable clips, the square steel cable clip and the hook cable clip, several round cable clips. The specification of round type is  from 3.5 millimeter, 4 mm, 5 mm, From 4 mm to 14 mm.  The hook type cable clip specifications are 15mm, 22mm, 28 mm.
In the rapidly changing life and market, the market demand of cable clip is very large and larger. And the development of the prospects in the modern market is very good. In many fields it is hot. So it is no exaggeration to say that the demand of cable clips in the entire market are very objective. Then what the application of cable clips?
First, cable clip is widely used and needs to be used for economic development. The industry is very large. And it is worth mentioning that, on the original basis, our company has made a lot of improvement to the performance of the products, making it stronger and stronger, better to meet the needs of customers. The enterprises of  needing to use such products are more and more.
The cable clip is also a basic quantity for the large integrated branch site. So it is very amazing  that the demand for cable clips is so huge. As one of the major economic enterprises of today's integrated cabling engineering enterprises, wiring entetprises under the help of the cable clip, making the economy faster and better. Cable Clips Manufacturer
It is well known that the application of the cable clips in the large-scale water conservancy projects has always been a kind of project which has been identified for the benefit of the people. And our country has always been people-oriented, so the function of  this project is obvious to all. And the cable clip has played a great role in this project, playing the power of defeating the strong with little effort. Its fixation for water conservancy projects is very obvious. Cable Clips Manufacturer
The high quality of the cable clips from our company is the guarantee of winning the market. We are committed to hard work, adhering to the quality of science and industry to create, brand, integrity management, the pursuit of a series of principles of excellence. Hope to win the market after continuous innovation and improvement, and we hope that in the future there is a better customer experience, colleagues can bring better products to users, products more secure. 

We offer perfect solutions for the wiring and cable management of the electrical accessory field.Our product range include cable marking, bushings, cable connectors, cable glands, cable clamps, cable clips, din rails, wrapping bands, nylon ties manufacturer, flexible conduits, hardness leading-free PVC, wiring ducts which are made of the self-extinguishing PVC. Meanwhile, the production of our company has been through ISO9001 International Quality Management Standard,  ISO14001 and many certifications, such as REACH, CE, RoHS, UL and so on.


1.Features:It is easy to instal but firm, difficult to lose for the steel nail is directly attached on the body.  Thus, it saves a lot of working time. Cable Clips Manufacturer
2.Structure:The circled aperture lock the wires firmly without any slipping and shifting. The circle wire clips are good at pinning into the panels or walls. With a small hammer into the wall deep, it is very secure and firm.
3.Applications: This clip is used for fixing the wires or plastic pipes,  cables on the cement walls, brick walls, concrete walls, etc.
Who We Are?
EGS, the supplier of circle cable clips, has been doing the manufacturing and trading for over eleven years. Our rich experience, top level quality, good service have won the hearts of our customers from all over the world. We are waiting for friends old and new to pay a visit and have a further discussion. Cable Clips Manufacturer


Circle Cable clips feature high elasticity,  impact resistance.  The pin is designed in the clip directly which can save work time and reduce the costs.Pins of cable clips from we Egsun are plugged  pure manually,and knock out sub-quality pins carefully. Cable Clips Manufacturer


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