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Nylon Cable Ties

Nylon Cable Ties

As a professional nylon cable tie manufacturer in China,We are located in a prosperous electrical city, Liushi, Wenzhou, which has rich humanities accumulation, convenient transportation and superior natural environment.


Cable Tie Manufacturer Nylon cable ties are also named of plastic zip ties. They are mainly used for bundling things. Because of the particularity of our product, nylon zip ties ( thin wall which decideds the big scale of moulding process), the requests for moulding, injection and materials are quite high. Usually, the new factories will need to spend a long time to explore and research, then they are able to produce qualified products.

Cable tie manufacturer
Cable tie manufacturer

They are designed with non-retreat function. The more fastening, the  cable tie will be fastened more and more tight. Moreover, we also have releasable zip ties. Our zip ties are widely applied in electronic factories, bundling television cables, computer inner connecting wires, lights, electrical machines, electronic toys, and series connecting work in these inner wirings of Many products. And cable tie MANUFACTURER are also applied in fastening mechanical equipment and oil pipes, bundling wires and cables in ships, packing and fastening whole sets of bicycles, agriculture stuffs, gardening materials, handicrafts as well. Fast bundling, high insulating ability, self-locking, convenient using are the advantages of nylon zip ties.

Cable Tie Manufacturer

Cable Tie Manufacturer
Cable Tie Manufacturer

We are a professional manufacturing company of producing zip ties, water-proof cable glands, stainless zip ties and so on.

Hont insist on the operation idea of "People Oriented, Virtue First", to improve and develop. And "Innovative Development and Reformation" is our business principal, to make HONT an international big brand, with scientific production and modernized management. All the HONT people unite like one heart, one pople, one wall to create a globle developing enterprise. We believe that "Quality is the core, credit is the only surviving way", exploring and researching with the guide of the market. 

In addition, Hont Electrical Co.,Ltd ,as a leading cable tie manufacturer,introduce talents actively, making full use of personnel, and keep improving the quality level of HONT whole staff. Importing advanced production facilities and innovative methods, we are devoting ourselves to improve the quality and service of our products. The idea of "Clients focus" meet various different demands and requirements of our customers from all over the world. With the developing of the market, the business sales network of HONT has become more and more complete and perfect. We put much labor and material resources, setting up after-sale service system around center cities. Moreover, no matter it is storage, transportation, selling or after-sale, we will invest the biggest passion to make our customers satisfied, in the specifications, quantity, leadtime and etc. HONT keeps providing top and best production and service for our clients, either past, present or future. Friends, old and new, are welcomed to visit us for a bright future!

What is the material of nylon cable tie manufacturer?
Injected by UL approved Nylon 66, nylon zip ties' raw material has the fire rating level of 94V-2, with excellent resisting ability to acid, base, corrosion and aging. It is also good at insulating. Its tensile strength durability is strong. The operation temperature for Nylon 66 is -20℃ to +80℃.
What is the application of nylon cable tie manufacturer?
In the early period, nylon cable tie manufacturer were widely used in electronic andelectrical appliance industry. They were playing their roles in fastening and bundling wires and cables in these mechanical machines.With the reinforcing of social industrial efficience,  cable tie MANUFACTURER application field has been expanded and well developed. Almost all the industries are covered by the involving and bundling of our zip ties.

For example, architecture industry will need zip ties for bundling scaffolds. Agriculture industry use nylon zip tie to build the the shelf for the growing of the crops. Fashion industry needs our cable tie to hang their tags. Foods industry will make cable tie manufacturer fasten tags, and bundle the vegetables. Express and postal service will use zip ties to bundle mails and their goods./p>

And our cable tie manufacturer also take apart in fastening connecting wires and cables in the televisions, computers, lights. The domestic electrical appliances, lights, facilities, machines, electronic toys and many products have cable tie fasten and fix the inner wirings and cables. Mechanical equipment, pipes of oil also need the fastening tool zip tie. The wires and cables on the ships are fixed and bundled by zip tie. The packaging of whole sets of bycicles are also the playing stages of our zip ties. Agriculture, gardening, handicrafting, gift factories, electronic plants, wiring processing factories, wiring and cable companies, toy plants, festival celebrating, stationery, department stores, fresh food supermarkets, daily goods, electrical engineering and electric apparatus, connector assembly all take nylon cable tie manufacturer as the main tool for fastening and bundling. The amount of nylon zip ties used in electrical and electric apparatus industry shared 40% of the manufacturing gross in 2011. And the amount used in domestic appliances industry was 17%. Automobile industry was 10%. Telecommunication industry had 8% of  zip tie application amount.

What is the advantages of nylon cable ties?
1. Environmental friendly nylon material: made of protogenous plastic material. They are safe and environmental friendly, enough in the quantity and durable to use.
2. They do excellent job in inuslation, resisting to aging and conveninet to operate.
3. Thicker and tenacious lock design: our products are designed with skid resistance treatment and special radian structure, strong occlusal force. When it is locked, it is difficult to loose. Stable and easy to use.
4. Our products are manufactured by high pricision moulding pressing process, secure and firm, with clean lines and firm locks, no loosing and difficult to crack.
5. They have strong tensile strength, difficult to break. And our products own high performance material, and stronger durablity. When we pull the nylon cable ties, they are secure and tight. Besides, they are time saving and labor saving.
6. They are designed with non-retreat structure and self-locking function. Our self-locking cable tie have humanized and considerate no retreat design, which will be tighter for more fastening action during the bundling process. It is convenient to operate and use.
The basic methods for indentify high quality and low quality nylon cable ties?
With the expanding of the applicaiton fields of nylon cable tie, the manufacturing factories of nylon cable tie manufacturer are increasing by years. Phenomenon of different prices and mixed quality exists in cable tie, for different factories have different technology and skills, their manufacturing experience, processing skills, raw materials are also different.
As the salesman and user of zip ties, it is quite important to grasp and master the basic knowledges of judging good and bad quality products, in order to purchase high performance cost ratio nylon zip ties to reduce the risk of spoiling sht ship for a halfpennyworth of tar, during the process of using and manufacturing.
1.Judge by the appearance: Injection processing products are easy to have trimming, rag, scorch, bubbles, deformation and many phenomenon. These are also easy to be seen in zip ties. These phenomenon are not the threatens of safe and secure using of nylon zip ties, but all the factories must exercise strict control over the appearance of nylon cable tie. The precision degree of toothed locks of the body and the toothed locks in the head, and if they two can completely fit each other, are the key factors of deciding the tensile strength of zip tie. If the toothed locks are distorted or the mould is not fully injected, there will appear phenomenon of sliding tooth or difficult to insert into the hole. These products are not qualitified. They will bring and result in quality accidents during the using procedure. Usually, responsible manufacturing eneterprise will apply high precision magnifying shape projectors in the the testing procedure. The professional testing man will be responsible for the testing of comparing of the toothed lock of the products. By observing the appearance of cable ties, it is easy to find superior products which are even in the appearance and the color, there are no impurities in the appearance. However, the bad quality products have many bubbles, impurities, gaps and scorch in the appearance.
2.Judge by the hand feeling: The two factors deciding the quality of zip ties are the precision of mould and the tenacity of products. Tenacity are difficult to judge and evaluate by data because different testing men will judge at different positions of nylon zip ties. But the precision of mould can be judged by hand feeling of inserting the ties into the holes and the sounds made by the procedure of inserting the ties into the holes. If it is difficult to insert into the holes or the sound is not clear and melodious, it means the fitting degree of the toothed locks are not high. Products with these phenomenon are difficult to guarantee the quality.
3.Judge by the performance: The most important evaluating factor is the tensile strength. When the outer force increases to some index, whether it is the crack on the body of the tie, or the breaks of teeth, or the cracks on the head, its judging strength must be higher than the standard tensile strength. And when superior nylon cable ties are streched, there will not appear straightforward fracture section or embrittlement.
The cable tie which have passed tensile strength test, can pull with a bit strength, but not with strong force. If we pull it heavily, it will be easy to crack and break. And different specifications will have relative different tensile strength. So the judging also needs to follow the actual situations. While, the product must be unqualified if it is broken with a casual pull.
How long is the longest service life of usual nylon cable tie manufacturer?
Usually, the service life for nylon cable ties is 2 years to 5 years. And it will differ according to various kinds of actual application fields, environment and the status. Besides, different specifications of nylon cable tie, the raw materials, different styles and types will aslo affect the service life of cable tie manufacturer. Traditional self locking cable tie can certainly offer two years' serving life. And after the two years, the autoxidation of nylon cable tie will decide the decrease of its performance, even have some attenuation. The details are related to the requirements of our customers. Some countries as United States have laws and standards asking nylon cable ties for outdoor using must be changed after one year's service, in order to make sure the performance and avoid quality accidents. These products are belonging to disposable cousuming products. All in all, if we want the longer service life, you had better to choose the products with high purity raw material, big specification, and advanced technical skills.
What is the storing environment of nylon cable tie MANUFACTURER and how to choose the specifications?
With the rapid developing and improving of our economic society, nylon cable ties have started to stepped into all walks of life for its good resistance to acid, corrosion, aging, superior insulation, strong durability, and perfect bundling ability. Nylon cable tie manufacturer have captured the whole market and taken the place of binding wires some traditonal fastening and bundling tools' position. Now its position is like the sun in the broad daylight, nylon cable tie is enjoying the noontide period.
However, nylon cable tie market are mixed with superior ones and bad zip ties. There are some "dirty" factories staining the value of nylon zip tie. They manufacture some low quality products to seduce our consumers. While the methods for identify good zip ties are simple. Just observe the appearance of the ties. The ties with defected edges, gaps, scorches, silver silk, bubbles, deformation and some shrinking must be unqualified cable tie manufacturer. Then we can try pulling the nylon cable ties to check the performance. Qualified zip tie must reach the standard breaking strength. Usually, superior nylon cable tie will use PA66 as the raw material which owns very high ability of water absorption. And PA66 is also very easy to release water. Thus when you are puchasing nylon zip tie, you are better to use up all the zip tie in your bag. Because if there are some zip tie are rest, these ties will be influenced by the environment, which may directly affect the performance of zip tie. When the quantity of the zip tie you purchased is too big, don't forget to seal these rest nylon zip ties in the plastic bags, in order to make sure the rest won't be influenced by the surrounding environment and keep the best status.
In addtion, if we want to have a good preserving of cable tie, we need to arrange an ideal and undisturbed conditions. What is the preserving conditon of nylon zip tie? First, the ideal environment for nylon cable ties requires no too high temperature or too low temperature, it can be kept of about 23 centigrade. And the surrounding humidness is no more than 50%. And please don't and never throw zip tie exposed in the sunlight. The shinning of sunlight will have very big influence on the nylon cable tie performance. If the place where you need to use zip ties will be long-time exposed in the sunlight, you could choose the proffessional UV zip tie. Putting nylon zip tie near some heaters or some heating sources is a wrong action, which will result in the whole nylon zip tie loose its appropriate status and we can not reach our goal for normally using it.
After having some idea of how to identify the quality levels of zip tie and the knowledges of storing zip ties, now we could choose the specifications according to our actual demands. The specification choosing is also very important. We need to choose the one fit us which is the best for us. So how to choose the very specification?
1.Have some knowledges of the working situations of our nylon zip ties. And make sure whether it is normal environment or strong corrossion environment. Then choose the types according to the environment.
2.Getting some idea of the demands of the stuff you are going to fastening, choose the appropriate nylon cable ties according to the different bundling situations.
3.Choose a good brand of nylon cable tie. Nylon zip ties are not the more expensive the better. And they are not the cheaper the better. The most important factor is to choose the high cost performance brand.
Some tips for nylon cable ties
Nylon cable tie is one kind of wiring material for fast bundling and fastening. It is convenient to use. This is also the reason why it has been so widely used. Besides its excellent performance, nylon zip tie seldom appears some problems, and it has the advantage of being firm and secure. The most different part for zip tie is it is low in the cost and easy to be applied in various fields and industries, compared with traditional stainless steel cable tie.
The operation for nylon zip ties is super easy and simple, even the man with none knowledges of nylon cable tie can use the tie quickly after getting the zip tie in hand. The procedure is simple, just inserting and pulling slightly, which have finished the packaging. This easy operation methods make people spend less time and labor in the packaging, which brings more economic profits. Nylon zip tie are divided into different types according to its different usages. If you are going to use zip ties outdoors, self-locking cable ties of anti-heat and anti-cold are your good choice. Different things have different situations. Releasable zip tie are applied in many industries for its high resistance to aging. And beaded cable tie manufacturer are doing well for high usage and reutilization, as one member of nylon zip tie familiy.
Although nylon cable tie can be applied in many fields, we need to note that it is not sugggested use nylon zip ties in industry of foods and drinks. Because food and drink are taken for we human, and the bundling procedure of nylon cable tie manufacturer may bring some toxic things into our foods and drinks, which will result in damages to human, in serious cases, some people will appear untoward effect. Thus nylon cable tie manufacturer do not fit to food and drink industries.
One more thing is if there becomes some problems in the using of nylon zip tie, please change them at once, in case of some unnecessary loss. Some zip ties may not fasten the goods securely, and the goods will drop if we loose our hands slightly. It means this type zip tie are not appropriate to this goods. We need to change a more appropriate nylon cable tie in time. The maintaining of zip tie aslo needs us to pay attention. If we can keep nylon zip ties well at regular intervals, it can enlong the service life of our zip tie. So please do not put zip tie in the sun. If you put the zip tie in the sun which may increase the performance problems greatly, and the ties will become easy to crack and embrittled. These ties can not to exploit its advantages to the full. Besides, in the rainy weather, cable ties are not better in the rain, for the zip tie will be corroded by the environment and have some damages, even if they have the best performance.Nowadays, zip tie are inforced by the efficience of society industrialization. It started from the electrical applicance industry to sets foot in every fields.In any fields related with bundling, you will find the shades of nylon zip tie. zip ties are rapid developing and moving in the direction of high performance. We believe that the future of cable tie industry will be more and more brighter.
Nylon Cable Tie manufacturer
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