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Hont Patent Cable Ties

Hont Patent Cable Ties

HONT is a professional plastic zip tie manufacturer in China, whose products are widly applied in bundling electronic, mechanical, automobile, motorbike, bicycle industries.


Wholesale High Quality New Arrival Zip Tie
Patent Nylon Wire Tie High Quality UL Certificated

Zip Tie UL Certificated Wholesale Manufacturer China Hont

Top Quality Plastic Nylon Zip Tie Manufacturer

EGS is one of the most excellent nylon cable tie manufacturers, which has engaged this business since 2001. After decades of exploring, innovation, and developping, EGS has turned to be the most favored brand in the market. The customers are attracted to our factories to visit and make a further discussion. They are from South Korea, America, Europe, and other twenty more counties and cities. Choose EGS, choose the top quality and best prices.


Zip ties manufacturers
Our zip ties are made of anti-fire level of 94v-2, eith the advantages of good resistance to acid, corrosion, anti-aging, and strong tolerance.
Zip ties are well welcomed by the electronic fsctories, tying the cables in televisions, the inner  wires connection of computers,  the inner wires mounting in lights, electronic toys and so on, the fixing of mechanical machines and oil pipes, bikes'  pakaging, agriculture, gardening, arts as well, and other kinds of fastening and bundling.
Product feature
Zip ties are featured with fast fadtening, good insulation, sef-locking, and conveniece.
Who we are?
EGS is one of the most professional zip ties manufacturers in China, whose products are widly applied in bundling  electronic, mechanical,  automobile, motorbike, bicycle industries. EGS products are so convenient to use with such reasonal prices, that they become the first choice for most enterprises, and facturies compared with the other zip ties fro other companies, even settle in many big supermarkets in the western countries.We  hope to coperate with you hand in hand to explore wider and more expanse international market.

As a Professional Cable Tie Manufacturer,EGS is a team full of energy, passion, and innovation, equipped with varieties of elites for researching, production and sales, and scientific and strict managing systems as well. 
Zip Ties Suppliers
Our products cover cable clips, nylon cable ties, stainless cable ties, cable glands, they are reasonable in the prices and complete in the specificaiton and size. And our cable ties have a great demand in the market, enjoying a high position among cable tie users. EGS has established steady long term cooperation relationship with most clients and dealers. 
"Credit Attention, Contract Abiding, Quality Keeping, Economy Divercified, Small Profits and Quick Returns " is EGS years' business policy, which has gained the trust of our customers. "Connecting to Brightness, Guide to Future" is EGS operation principle. "Innovation Leads Development, Quality Results in Survival" is EGS enterprise idea,
"Customers is the Most Important, Quality Comes first, Honesty is the foundation, Development Needs Diversification" is EGS tenet. "Striving Constantly to be Stronger and Stronger, Trying Hard to Go Beyond" is EGS culture. During the whole production, we are adhering to "Quality is Our Dignity, and Eneterprise's Life ".  
In order to guarantee the high quality, our company have imported world- level ICP Emission Spectrometer with no hesitation to splash out cash  from PE, an American company. This machine is used to ensure the top quality of raw material, to promote the products of our company.  Our comany has complete manage system, having got the certification of ISO 9001. EGS has sold its products far to Isrea, Southeast Asia, Middle Asia, and many countries and regioins. 

EGS,As the most professional Nylon cable tie manufacturer in China,We has been occupied in the nylon cable tie producing for more than 30 years in China.Our wire tie manufacturing is always under the most complete supervision of quality testing center.The Clients pay their trust in us,that out customers are far more around our country,Europe,Australia,the United States and etc.,are also the main selling markets of EGS.
Place of Origin:China Mainland
Port:Ningbo or Shanghai
Brand Name:EGS or OEM is available
Payment Terms:T/T
Package:Export worthy bags,usaually 100pcs per bag.
Leading Cable Tie Manufacturer from China since 1987
Moulded and injected by Nylon 66,which is certificated by UL.Besides,this kind of raw materials are good at resisting fire and burning,with 94V-2 anti-fire.
zip tie manufacturer
Automatic pumping water sealing machine - Leading Cable Tie Manufacturer 
They are equipped with the strong function of resistance to corrosion,acid,aging,and excellent tolerance.Thanks for the advantages above,plastic zip ties are superior in fast bundling,self-locking,insulation and easy to install. 
Widely favored by the electrical and electronic factories,mechanical plants suppliers,automobile manufacturers,and even agricultures. Some daily goods,such as stationery,presents and gifts also need them to make it settled and safe.
High and low temperature experiment box
Knowledge about Cable Ties
Cable ties in current market are blooming everywhere. Many fields cannot leave without them. People can hardly tear themselves apart from zip ties gradually. And what contributes to such perfect product?
Cable tie has replaced traditional rope, involved in fastening and bundling, with the plastic nylon material. They own the function of irreversible back to secure wires and cables.
What is the Background of nylon cable tie?
They take the place of traditonal hemp rope, for the advantages of convenient to use, beautiful in appearance, cheap for price, easy to carry and etc. The big improvement in the appearance and usability during the long using term of nylon zip tie, make them widly applied in the industries and satisfy various requirements of all fields.
What is the features of zip ties?
1. Simple to operate
Compared with traditonal wire ties, zip ties are more simple and fast in operating. And the precise unified production specification, eliminate the shortage of mismatching in the using of traditional zip ties. In additon,the labor cost are lower than traditional ones.
2.Strong tensile strength resistance
The superior material makes nylon cable ties equip with high tensile strength resistance, and the ability of anti-acid, anti-base are also very prominent. Besides, nylon has high level of fire rating, which results in nylon cable ties safer in applicaiton, compared with other material.
3. Environmental friendly
Some European countries have raised strict environmental requriements during these years. Tradtional material PVC is hardly to reach the relevant standard. And price of iron wire which are necessity for zip ties progressively year by year. Under this situation, nylon zip tie have more clear advantages in the prices.
4. Durable
Most part of the old bundling products are made of fiber,so with the long using time of these traditional bundling products, there turn to be efflorescence, which add more problems for the using of article. While the good durability of nylon wire ties satisfy most customers.
Some thing about zip tie industrial?
Nylon cable tie is one kind of fastening tool as its name implies.
Based on its different funtcions and customers' demands, nylon cable tie are divided into tow types, common zip ties and special cable tie. Common ones include self locking cable tie, release cable ties. Special cable ties are various types of cable ties except common ones.
According to the statistics, gross value of nylon cable tie production of 2015 has a slump compared with total production value of 2014. The orders of the first half year of 2015 has a little decrease, which lead to profit decline of the enterprise receipts. This has little influence on the large scale enterprise, but directly shocks middle and small scale enterprisies. Orders of the second half year of 2015 get some increase, but the whole gross value is still lower than last year. So it is significant for enterprises to improve the risk resistance capacity, promote the healthy development of industry by adjustment of enterprise structure, in the premise of realizing steady development of industry. However, our country's nylon zip tie industry's production capacity is rising constantly.
With the rapid development of China's economy and the rising of per capital cousumption level, plastic manufacturing appliance industry is developing fast. As the big potential subclasses industry, the market has a large demand for the output of nylon cable tie. Most the customers are from the industies of hardware mechanical and electrical product, apparel machinery, gardening packaging and etc.
Under the expansion of wholesale market in recent years, wholesalers also need large quantity of nylon zip ties during the process of packing the goods. The whole nylon cable tie industry sees an upward trend. And the market scale is expanding constantly.
In general, the prospect of our country's nylon cable tie is very optimistic. The demands for nylon cable tie downstream industries is remaining strong. wire ties will make some changes according to consumers' requirements for the appearance, environment protection.
What is the current cable tie market price. 
Current price of nylon zip ties are 33yuan per kilo. They are certainly bulk cargo. So it is necessary to confirm with the salesmen for the price of packaging.
Nylon zip ties are the most commonly used bundling ties. Most are applied to fasten wires, cables and so on. They are found widely being used in the market of household electrical appliances.
The prices are quite transparent in the market. With the development of electronic commerce, profits of nylon cable tie industry turn to be smaller and smaller, and the the constrolling of the cost gets more and more strict.
It is difficult to make a unified conclusion for the prices of nylon plastic ties in the market. Price above is a reference.
Different factory has different production skills, so the methods for cost calculation are also different. Here are several factors which may have some influence on the price.
1.Packaging Ways: 1000pcs/bag, 500pcs/bag, 250pcs/bag, 100pcs/bag, 50pcs/bag.
There are barrel pack, rubber band pcak, separator pack, ziplock pack. They are quite different in the packaging prices.
2. Label: neutral label, Logo label with adhesive sticker, bags made by facotry. The size and color of customers' logo which seem to be little factors, but they will also affect the prices of the packaging heavily when the quantity of the output is big.
3. Production skills: there are 100pcs/mould, 20 pcs/mould, 8pcs/mould. Different in the mould, differnt in the skills and the prices. Different in the size of the products, different in the output of the products and the prices.
Unknown usages of cable ties
To most people, cable tie is one of the most familiar things in our daily life. Nylon wire ties are convenient to take, cheap in the price, and there are various types and specifications. However, regarding to their function, many of us only treat wire ties as the experts of bundling cables or wires, we have little knowledges of other kinds of functions and applications. Today, I will introduce some unknown uses of zip tie are you, especially for the outdoor use.
We may have seen news on the televison that in most economically backward areas such as Iraq where the handcuffs are too expensive, many soliders will fasten the hands of reactionary elements by nylon zip tie when in the process of arresting, in order to limit their actions and freedom. But it is easy for actionary elements to loose the ties, so there appears backhand bundling methods,which has greatly enhance the difficulty of getting rid of the nylon zip tie.
2. Leather belt
In the fields, your leather belt may have been used to bundle some other things, the moment your trousers alway get down from your waist by itself. We can use several nylon zip ties with the way of head- tail as our leather belt.
3.Road marks
When you alone are lost, separated with your traveling partners, and you just have pockets of nylon wire ties, especially bright color ties, you can bundle the wire ties to the tree branches, in order for the partners to find you as the indication marks.
In the outside fields, shoelace have many applications. So your shoelace may have been used in some other places, we can use nylon wire ties as ropes in the place of shoelace.
5.Non slip shoe nail
In the northern part of China, the winter is very cold. Walking on the ice surface is easy to slip and fall. So we can make nylon zip ties to the shoe nail for slipping resisting. Just bundling several wire ties on the surface of the shoes, and the shoes have more road holding strength to resisting to slipping.
6.DIY simple spear
In the field envrionment, we have no tools such as spears. But we do need spears when we have to arrest rabbits for food. Now we can fasten knife with plastic zip ties to one end of crabstick to be one simple spear. One thing that we must keep attention, that is we must fasten it tight enough. We could use pliers and so on for assisting.
7.Simple tent
We can bundle and secure canvas with nylon zip tie, then support the canvas with tree branches to be a simple tent. Cable tie could bring much convenience for our field life.
8.Supporting plate
If we have some accidents in the fields, such as fracture, sprain and so on, we will need to fix the injuried place with the plate which is connected by our nylon wire ties to avoid damage second time.
9.Color identification
We will bring many things when we go camping. Many big and small bags are needed for these things. We can bundle different colors of nylon wire ties to identify them. Bule ties sealed bags are for drinking water, red ones are flammable materials, yellow ones are kinds of signal equipments.
We can develop our brain in a maximum level to make an easy trap by nylon zip ties. When some little wild animal comes into the trap,we can catch the animal by just pulling the trap string.
We usually need to hang bulbs on the branches of trees in the outside fields. And some food also need to be put at high place to avoid eating by animal. So we could use nylon wire ties to hang them to reach these goals.
ere is the introduction of nylon cable tie application in the outside fields. Although we meet these situations hardly in our daily life, it can take some convenience for us to get some knowledges of these nlyon cable tie functions.

We manufacture the Zip cable ties to be greater in strength as per the industry standards. Make use of our first-rate quality raw materials to meet your needs. Our Natural cable ties offer great convenience to both trades person and homeowners. Our company is the leading and reputed Cable Tie Manufacturer and nylon Cable ties suppliers inthe market. We provide great service for the satisfaction of customers. We are working as a team to meet everyone needs efficiently.
Our Advance cable tie Strap will guarantee for the quality and excellence. Different dimensions of strong cable tie plastic are offered by our experienced persons to meet the client demands. Our high grade ties are proficient of carrying out for long hours. Being highly robust, our Wire Straps are effective and oblige least protection.
Our main mission
We want to gratify our customers with highly durable and long lasting cable tie wrap plastic zip ties.
Our innovative machinery and technology will produce best quality advance cable tie accessories
Our main objective is to provide excellent customer service
Our cost-effective plastic tie straps are suitable for unlimited applications. Customers who are need of supporting of wires can make useof our high quality cable ties. We manufacture the thick cable ties cheap to provide excellent grip. We create the standard and industrial strength cable ties as per the requirements of the consumers.
We have various Kinds of cable wire ties,such as:Self locking nylon Cable Ties,Push Mount Ty Wrap,Stainless Steel Cable Ties,Velcro Nylon Zip Ties,Marker plastic zip ties,Mountable plastic tie wraps,Double Locking  plastic Cable Ties, Double Headed Cable Ties,Knot Cable Ties.Beaded Zip Ties Cheap.
Black Cable Ties,White Wire Ties,and Red Cable Ties,various Colored as your request.
Miniature Cable ties,Standard Cable Ties,Intermediate Zip Tie,Heavy duty Zip Ties,Extra Heavy duty Cable Ties
Our nylon wire tie act as a good substitute as a momentary lock. We provide this useful tool to meet the needs of smaller objects. Our Self locking Cable ties are really easy to use and it can hold wires effectively. Make use of our high strength cable ties to avoid the untidy look of hanging wires. If you are interested to buy Zip Ties online,please feel free to contact EGS.


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