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Releasable Cable Ties

Releasable Cable Ties

Hunting for the reliable releasable zip ties? Just get the best quality releasable zip ties for the cheapest price from HONT Electrical


Releasable Cable Ties
HONT releasable zip ties are rated as the best solution for your reusable zip ties demands. You can easily secure and reuse these cable ties multiple times by using the simple trigger release system.
Releasable ties are not the same as regular cable ties. While these tools are similar, releasable cable ties are designed to be reused, making them practical for business use. Several different ties can be used in a variety of applications, making wire or product management easy. 
Actually, that’s the main reason why most guys prefer to reusable zip ties, but not the common nylon cable ties in the market. Obviously, using releasable cable ties is more convenient and can save lots of money due to its reutilization. And nylon releasable zip ties are very popular in our daily life for bundling the packages of gifts and foods.
Generally speaking, there are two kinds of special designs for the releasable cable ties. One is extended pawl for releasing by outside forces. The other design is a large tab in the head of the tie for releasing by simple pushing. The pawl release button is part of the head ratchet and all you have to do is press the pawl handle down and that will release the ratchet from the tie and you can easily pull the tail out. You can choose one you like.
These releasable cables ties are ideal for temporary bundling applications that need easy access to add or remove bundled items, or any application that may require customization for future changes. The biggest strength of the releasable cable ties is their flexibility and ability to maintain shape. The sheer strength of the ties allows for several uses with wire or cable bundling. Many electrical positions will also use the releasable ties for electronic applications because once tied, the releasable cable will maintain its shape.
The reusable cable ties are colored with the natural white with high level of anti-fire feature. Well, the ultraviolet black is also available. As known to all, the white reusable wire ties are designed for indoor use; the latter ultraviolet black zip ties are more usable, which do the good job in environment protection. Additionally, you can keep a lower inventory and eliminate waste from ties that must be cut and discarded.
With a low price, these items can help out around your home or business. Releasable cable ties are an easy-to-use fix that is reusable, making them a practical addition to your toolbox. In a word, HONT releasable zip ties turn out inexpensive, quick, easy and holding up well. 
About HONT- EGS Group:
HONT Electrical manufactures, is one of the leading industry for reusable cable ties, has expanded from China to Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc. Our company is people-
oriented with scientific and technological innovation, perfect management system. We adhere to the “innovation, science and technology, trustworthy” 


Product Details
1. Advantages: Compared with common nylon cable ties in the market, the releasable zip ties, which also named releasable zip ties, can be removed and reused again. It is convenient and saving us a lot of money and time to buy a new cable tie. 
2. Features: The Reusable Zip Ties are colored with the natural white, with high level of anti-fire. However, the ultraviolet black is alsi available. The white Reusable Wire Ties are designed.for indoor using, while the Ublack They are usable, so they do the good job in environment protection.The releasable cable tie are anti-aging.
3.Design: There are two kinds of special designs for the releasable cable tie. One is extended pawl for releasing by outside force. The other design is a large tab in the head for releasing by a push. 4. Application: This kind of cable ties are usually used in the bundling of the packages of gifts, and some foods.
EGS, one of the most popularized brand for reusable cable ties, has expanded her market from China to Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Africa, etc. Thanks for the strong technology power, superior electrical apparatuses, devoted EGS people, EGS has developed from a middle scale factory into such a large enterprise group. We have various professional low voltage products, which are strictly checked by our quality testing center. We sincerely hope we can build nice relationship each other.


We owns three production bases, fifty cable tie manufacturing machines, one  molding center, ten producing lines and one warehouse. These abundant facility resources make fast delivery possible, and satisfy the needs of our customers. We have a complete operating and management system, R&D department,sample testing center, finished product quality controlling center.There are seven engineers who have over twelve years' working experience, twelve mold designers, twenty technicians, and six quality control.

Wholesale Colorful Velcro Reusable Zip Ties
We can use Velcro Cable Ties China to bundle the wires of the computers, earphones, keyboard,  chargers,network cable, data wires, sound equipment cables and so on. Thanks for these little stuff, everything in your office and home are in good order.


Are you still doing such wasting by cutting your old cable ties to open the bundle of cables? Why not choose releasable zip ties instead of common cable tie?  Releasable zip tie will not make you disappointed. They are consisted with releasable pawl and the tab which are the secret why they can loose as we request after being locked. The length can be various in 4 to 14, while the strength is 40 or 50 Ibs. And they are resistant to the ultraviolet light.
The biggest reason for Releasable cable tie being the most welcomed cable tie is that it can be used for second time. Thus its reuse makes it environmental. What's more, it has high level of fireproof, anti-aging, fine shapes, which used in tying foods and little gifts.
1.  Features: Releasable cable ties are designed for the special slipknots. They are soft, reusable, and safe with good toughness, fast installing, good insulation, elegant out looking, strong tensile strength.
2. Applications: They are recommended in the walks of bundling wires or cables.
3. Using Methods: Put the tie into the head  hole, then tighten the tie, it will be very firm and secure. When to loose, just push the little hand shank in the head, we can use it again.
EGS ,leading cable tie manufacturer in China,has been doing and selling releasable Cable tie for more than twelve years. We constantly insisted the strict quality monitoring system to guarantee the best quality for our customers. Te products in our company are sold to Asia, USA, Europe, Africa and other regions.
We owns three production bases, fifty cable tie manufacturing machines, one  molding center, ten producing lines and one warehouse. These abundant facility resources make fast delivery possible, and satisfy the needs of our customers. We have a complete operating and management system, R&D department,sample testing center, finished product quality controlling center.There are seven engineers who have over twelve years' working experience, twelve mold designers, twenty technicians, and six quality control.


Heavy duty reusable cable ties are the very choice for the heavy packing and large objects. Their tensile strength are out of 60 which can stand the strength  that most ties cannot do with it. Besides, they can be release as we require after locking.

Reusable zip tie allows us use the ties again and again, remove it as we require. It is designed with a special releasable part in the  head of the nylon cable tie manufacturer to make it possible to release after lock tightly. Most of them are better to be applied indoor, while the UV black are more recommended to be used outdoor for which are more resistant to the ultraviolet  light. They are easy to install and reduce the cost greatly, which is the perfect bundling solution for you.

Reusable nylon plastic cable ties are made by the UL nylon, which is environmental friendly, with good suppleness, strong tolerance, resistance to aging. They are difficult to loose, but loose if we require. They can be used for many times,which reduce much of the cost.  Our products are fine produced, which are gentle to hands. Reusable nylon cable ties are applied widly in the kinds of cables and wires bundling.
If you know you are going to need a reusable cable tie, EGS carries a variety of releasable cable ties that will work


Reusable plastic cable ties offer the easy releases and convenient reuse solution. They are through the standard with the features of durability, good tensile strength, high elasticity, persistent performance, insulation, resistance to acid, base and corrosion, nontoxic and so on. There are various kinds in the length, from 5'' to 40'' to secure and bundle the different sizes. 
Reusable plastic cable ties are widely applied in the offices, homes, workshops, factories, the electric and electronic plants. Some wires and cables in the computers, televisions, and some domestic appliances also need to be bundled with the reusable ties. The reuse of these ties makes it environmentally friendly, warmly welcomed by customers for which can reduce the cost to buy a new one.
For More detail,please feel free to contact us!


Reusable tie wraps are designed for the special feature of reuse, which solve the problem of wasting plastic and money to cut the old or ruined Nylon cable ties. They are easy to remove and reposition. Our customers can lock and release them whenever as they like. These ties own strong self-locking functionility, durablity. They do well in the performance of tensile strength, resistance to kinds of harsh environments. The using of reusable tie wraps means users can save lots of money to purchase new ones, and make the waste caused by discarding ties constantly the minimum, which indeed do the construction to the action of protecting the environment and saving the resource in the earth.


EGS gives the most professional product and technology support for our customers, on the basis of the innovative working teams and advanced equipment and infrastructure. We have large range of low voltage products, such as various kinds of Nylon cable ties. Releasable cable ties black and white are among the hot-sell ranks of EGS. They are so strongly demanded in the market for their special functionality of reusing, which saves lots of cost to purchase new ties and protect the environment as well.

Reusable cable tie is one of the most widely used plastic products nowadays, for it is designed with the release mechanism to make it possible for users to release after firmly locking. And the installation and operation of this tie is very simple and convenient. It could be easily and quickly locked and opened by only one hand. Moreover, this special functionality adds it advantages of cost-saving and being environmental friendly.

Reusable zip ties feature easy remove, reposition and reuse and are widely applied by temporary wire arrangement, prototype construction and everyday life like erecting plants, locking airline dog kennels and transport luggage.
Product description:
l  Material: Nylon 6/6.
l  Length: 5-1/2 inch to 24 inch.
l  Width: .295, .30, .35 and .50 inch.
l  Tensile Strength: 50, 120, 175 and 250 lbs.
l  UL Flame Rating: 94V-2.
l  Color: natural and UV black.
l  Package: 100 pcs/bag.
NOTE: Specialty reusable cable ties are manufactured on request.
Releasable Cable Ties Save Money and Multiple Usage
Do you need a type of cable ties that can be used again and again? Conventional self-locking zip ties must be cut when you remove them and will not be used again. However,Reusalbe cable ties used to keep plants grow erectly reusable zip ties can be easily removed, repositioned and reused for a lot of times. This kind of releasable cable ties are manufactured for temporary installations, prototype construction, harnessing where wire or cable changes are anticipated, and everyday life that the ties should be easily opened and closed such as help erect gardening plants. In contrast with self-locking cable ties, the releasable cable ties will save a lot of money in buying new ties, and eliminate waste. For example, reusable cable ties are especially used in airline dog kennels and luggage. Owing to these reasons, the ties are increasingly used among numerous fields.
Manufactured by high quality Nylon 6/6, the releasable nylon ties have wide operating temperature from -40 degrees F to 180 degrees F, good resistance to chemicals, high tensile strength and long life span. Releasable cable ties meet four types of strength: standard duty 50 lbs, heavy duty 120 lbs, extra heavy duty 175 lbs and ultra-heavy duty 250 lbs. They are available for indoor uses while black ones for outdoor uses.
Benefits & Advantages:
l  Permits easy release and reuse.
l  Smooth and round edges prevent damage to wire insulation.
l  More teeth per inch for tighter bundles.
l  Nylon 6/6 absorbs and releases moisture for a longer life span.



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